The fingers of the Paulownia

Purple, very light very light purple, light to near white, but still let a person easily distinguish it is purple, the purple, so abrupt jump out from between the walls, the wind blow, straight into the human heart, gradually formed a inexplicable ripples, sour to eyelash.
Broken walls, gray is its background, not a little green, spring seems to never stop here, tall and straight trunk, stands, hysteranthous. In the early summer, flowers on the top, simple and elegant and dignified, the Phoenix wood 所贝 by temperament, light to the extreme ultraviolet, is exalted to the extreme. Like clouds, such as leaves, shade to the passers-by, let a person look, kind heart, then it is very pale smile.
The ancient people used Tongmu Qin, is said to sound beautiful, don't know how to use the open of Paulownia Wood piano piano, whether in between fly very pale purple flowers.
Then expound the texts of Buddhism Manjusri, as if it were raining flowers, if not with the body, just the right way. The Paulownia, annual bloom of flowers and leaves, contamination in people's eyebrows, eyelashes, flowers are not flowers.
The fingers of the Paulownia, let a person listen to bloom, but always bright not the Paulownia, why the annual extreme to let that one purple collapsed on the ground, extremely awkward.
Life leaped lightly, ashes, let a piece of wood into the body, people were fascinated by its beautiful sound, but forget that life is very fragile, vulnerable to cry hiding in that piece of the extreme, and fall in the extreme.
He plays the piano, string the vast listen, that is to perfection, it is to fall from the sky, is a life of sorrow, spirits on the ground, the same extremely awkward.
A hundred birds Huang, JOJO, gurgling water, with many twists and turns, spring summer autumn winter, the seasons, all is in the beautiful context, flowing quietly in the fingers, the piano, Paulownia, others and the nature of the spring and Autumn period, derivation, it is Chuang Chou dreaming a butterfly, or a butterfly dream.

Through the late autumn

My hands in his pockets, along the familiar road walk, eyeful is bleak and desolate. The withered leaves rustle rolling along the road teeth, I was lost in the years jingling mood. I work hard, but not up to pick up. I close my eyes, shaking out the picture, let me how to paint, with the thick of autumn.
Cold market, gradually dilute the pedestrian street, decaying trees, and the wind through me, in sunshine sparse days faded. Each step, as if to hear the heart clear sigh, inadvertently shaking feeling of floating bleak taste.
The plane is late autumn Messenger, and the rhythm of the wind, hurriedly shook off a yellow. The yellow green and moist in those memories have not had time to kill was gone with the wind. It is warm flavor, is the spring sprout and summer smile is sunshine and rain, dry dry, and the swaying gracefully. That is the Indus memory, with the sun and straight and wide, with the wind chipper and lush, at the moment when the leaves falling dust, it's all gone with the wind.
And the wind, after spending a summer tree, finally tore the tenderness of the skin exposed to cold, and, a be hardly worthy of belief. At the moment, the relentless wind sweeps the tree sad, red dust in the repeated should have such a sad.
The rain came, although modest, but cold, drops like tears, like a farewell ceremony, rendering the sadness, melancholy and sentimental. At the moment the rain, no wind, only the thick, choking, off and on, a few, unbearable to look. The next rain and when can you come?
The thin stone arch radian water in the moon, go to salvage on top heavy and distant. Drizzle misty water deep sound like a sad song, to love cease abruptly. The stone bridge and our names, engraved in the years has almost the pathos of the ancient text, and the text in the story is fuzzy and clear. Hand covered, the rough texture jumping in the palm of my hand, jitter, inadvertently, drop in the water, splashing ripples layers.
The dreary sky will sorrow to talk to the lake Qiushui, settling down in tears in response to water sobs, hand accidentally intercepted a secret, cold and sticky.
Without my reflection in the water, I was watching this one melancholy in Yu Ting, blurred in the back lean and lonely.
The palm rubbing leaves as the sands of time, in a soft sigh slowly slide, broken in the years of the river, quietly. This year's autumn, not your memories, but added some unexpected sad. Fermentation of the emotions come in a throng, suddenly with a thin channel blocking.

Cut a flower song graceful

Sunshine every day, every day of the warm, always arrive, feel happy. Time flies, time, a day away, always inadvertently, old age, weight Confidante. We cannot stop the flow of time, but there is no reason to refuse, to enjoy the bright sunlight! Thanksgiving heart, on the road, and the wind flying together, to embrace the blue sky, that a bunch of bright warm!
There is a margin, called a beautiful encounter, there is a love, is called the soul of the hand. Have one kind of feeling, called life, there is a concept, called the East west.
There is such a you, standing outside the thousands of miles across the distance, time, in a hazy sunset dusk, when I am lonely figure, via your mystery, I see, you look into eyes, that a surprise! A beautiful encounter, along the way of beauty, love, is so wonderful and magical!


Some love, without deliberately, but in your heart, can't erase! Some love, no narrator, even silent, transfer love the eyes, I use my life to remember! Love, is a love of beauty, like a fragrant rose, flower rich, warm in the heart.
The long road of life, always meet so a person, with assonance and your heart; from the world of mortals, there will always be good friend, a soul friend. Even across the years cross-strait, even if they cannot meet, but the heart, never abandon. Each other in their heart, continus, the tacit understanding, that moved, only a heart to understand.
Perhaps, life, I owe you too much love, life, to repay when, therefore, we will meet at the Fords of the time. The vast boundless sea, you and I like a fluttering Lan Zhou, searching, swim, never know, you and I, exactly how far across the distance.
Now, meet on on a narrow path, I put the past life of love to you, whether or not, I can easily? If, I can shake off the shoulder and sorrow, leisurely turn, elegant look back? Looking back, but is reluctant to go, turn around, but can't forget you pamper eyes.
I am in the end, you in the end, across the sea of time and space, Is it right? All grief at separation and joy in Union, because the life of dignified? Heart, bearing layers of chains, never break, the dream like beautiful flowers, bloom in the end, is doomed to end, in my life, can not touch the pain!
There is a love, in the depths of the soul, beyond the distance, beyond the verbose, through time and space. This kind of love, is the silence is never abandon you, silly idea, is a love, is warm.
How much love is in the lonely lonely, waiting in the produce pain? How much love, is in every time the moon to complete? You said: you are in front of me, very near, far, it seems within reach; I return: that is your imagination, fantastic beauty, beautiful and heartbreaking, beauty to a cry!

In the warm spring

In the warm spring, flowers are coming out with a rush.
Yesterday, Japan nine earthquake,
Numb thinking, conscious of a......
Today, I am a vocational high school in suzhou,
In a team relay,
Gray day, the head pressure,
Toward the downstream beauty opposite,
Pick up the long lost youth and vitality;
Last year on this day, tree planting day,
Wu Xun blossoms anomaly,
I picked up the first state-owned enterprises in the work of life;
Now, I often looked at the mobile phone watch,
Counting the time slip away,
Enjoy spending their few youth,
I am a Madman of Chu, head in the clouds:
I'm a bad, hurt him and her
Also often hurt myself;
I was a real person, but very like camouflage, with great care,
The decoration of persistent, now, decoration decoration of their future!!
I often look like a river around the ancient suzhou,
Maybe it's not clear, its role
I wanted to jump into the arms of it many times,
As of four years ago in Jiangcheng I want to jump into the Yangtze River in general
I long for the arrival of spring,
As I look forward to summer
I always stubbornly believe that:
Spring than in winter, summer than autumn!
As the "Muslim funeral" Han Ziqi treated like jade
Love, dedication, and alone!

Alone with

Will tear and sad happy fragment piling into text, in the text, flower, beautiful flowers; or drop into injury ink, wind, let alone worry no longer into barren desert. 凹凸洞
In the autumn the ferry, walk steps I do not know where? Thoughts in the tonal memory together, old time window of the flickering. Once familiar people and things have now changed, whether the time stranded in everything? Who a pounding of hooves awakened who had the dream? Who is in the white dream in the surf, the wind to sweep? Who like a canoe, sway in dust free white? The meeting is not met, only the depths of time tea waste. Life is not if, time will move forward, not back, initially identified Road, only forward not back, no matter how far, how the thorn, believe in yourself, finally able to get to.


Once the yearning, have been years of vicissitudes, a departure, in the absence of hidden pain, look up at the sky, not sad tears wet the pale cheeks; a turn, growth, in turn the process to learn and elegant, can be a bright smile in any difficult before. All the feelings, all with the time dilation, then stretch into a piece of green leaf, gorgeous colorful, and fade away, with the seasons fallen petals lie in profusion. Finally, with the time of precipitation, low in the dust, and covered with thick moss.tom ford sunglasses
The wind cannot read, somehow desk messy pages? In order to be messy hemp chapter autumn wind, the wind had no trace, only that no clear solution doesn't open the mind, shivering in the mind. Maybe I don't know, scenery is not the sea is not change, but a million years, although the beautiful scenery in the journey, thousands of customs, the end does not belong to his own view, and then the United States can only enjoy alone, quietly leave, in the depths of the season. Even if the track meet, but transient is nowhere to be found. Because to understand, so, fireworks and then the master but bloom also don't go picking.
The review is a nightmare, that a smile is elegant, the turn is forever, that Enron is meditation. So, through the dust gently, softly,, those melancholy, bustling, are at first sight, this past does not look back, as the flowers drip into the palm lines, from now on, just keep in Enron quiet corner.
A meter of sunshine, light at an office, drying rainy wet heart, heart warming since, there are flowers, frequently aroma; Qing boil a cup of green tea, light products elegant and fragrant, at the time the corner, listening from the war sad autumn rendering, forgetting in pain, wandering alone, quietly Qing huan.
Now, the left hand is love, right hand is love, so this is not love not romantic, men and women, in the vicissitudes of the years fragrant surplus sleeve, will add salt to taste the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, dull white day with color, would be withered season into the spring is in the air. Adjust the attitude to the indifferent, go to the battle-front without any burden, pick up a smile lightly in a corner ", no longer empty sad for the rest of his life without Huan xi.按揭貸款
Years alternate, Temptress Moon transfer. The rest is replaced by a string of numbers, realize the self value, or wish to stay warm, ahead of time to do the things you want to do? Always entangled in the darkness at night, ah, alive, is too busy, too tired, just feel at ease, too busy, can not block too much temptation, in the bustling fast-paced reality, do a calm self assured. With the attitude of be most willing to reconcile oneself to one's situation, a life.

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