Alone with

Will tear and sad happy fragment piling into text, in the text, flower, beautiful flowers; or drop into injury ink, wind, let alone worry no longer into barren desert. 凹凸洞
In the autumn the ferry, walk steps I do not know where? Thoughts in the tonal memory together, old time window of the flickering. Once familiar people and things have now changed, whether the time stranded in everything? Who a pounding of hooves awakened who had the dream? Who is in the white dream in the surf, the wind to sweep? Who like a canoe, sway in dust free white? The meeting is not met, only the depths of time tea waste. Life is not if, time will move forward, not back, initially identified Road, only forward not back, no matter how far, how the thorn, believe in yourself, finally able to get to.


Once the yearning, have been years of vicissitudes, a departure, in the absence of hidden pain, look up at the sky, not sad tears wet the pale cheeks; a turn, growth, in turn the process to learn and elegant, can be a bright smile in any difficult before. All the feelings, all with the time dilation, then stretch into a piece of green leaf, gorgeous colorful, and fade away, with the seasons fallen petals lie in profusion. Finally, with the time of precipitation, low in the dust, and covered with thick moss.tom ford sunglasses
The wind cannot read, somehow desk messy pages? In order to be messy hemp chapter autumn wind, the wind had no trace, only that no clear solution doesn't open the mind, shivering in the mind. Maybe I don't know, scenery is not the sea is not change, but a million years, although the beautiful scenery in the journey, thousands of customs, the end does not belong to his own view, and then the United States can only enjoy alone, quietly leave, in the depths of the season. Even if the track meet, but transient is nowhere to be found. Because to understand, so, fireworks and then the master but bloom also don't go picking.
The review is a nightmare, that a smile is elegant, the turn is forever, that Enron is meditation. So, through the dust gently, softly,, those melancholy, bustling, are at first sight, this past does not look back, as the flowers drip into the palm lines, from now on, just keep in Enron quiet corner.
A meter of sunshine, light at an office, drying rainy wet heart, heart warming since, there are flowers, frequently aroma; Qing boil a cup of green tea, light products elegant and fragrant, at the time the corner, listening from the war sad autumn rendering, forgetting in pain, wandering alone, quietly Qing huan.
Now, the left hand is love, right hand is love, so this is not love not romantic, men and women, in the vicissitudes of the years fragrant surplus sleeve, will add salt to taste the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, dull white day with color, would be withered season into the spring is in the air. Adjust the attitude to the indifferent, go to the battle-front without any burden, pick up a smile lightly in a corner ", no longer empty sad for the rest of his life without Huan xi.按揭貸款
Years alternate, Temptress Moon transfer. The rest is replaced by a string of numbers, realize the self value, or wish to stay warm, ahead of time to do the things you want to do? Always entangled in the darkness at night, ah, alive, is too busy, too tired, just feel at ease, too busy, can not block too much temptation, in the bustling fast-paced reality, do a calm self assured. With the attitude of be most willing to reconcile oneself to one's situation, a life.