In the warm spring

In the warm spring, flowers are coming out with a rush.
Yesterday, Japan nine earthquake,
Numb thinking, conscious of a......
Today, I am a vocational high school in suzhou,
In a team relay,
Gray day, the head pressure,
Toward the downstream beauty opposite,
Pick up the long lost youth and vitality;
Last year on this day, tree planting day,
Wu Xun blossoms anomaly,
I picked up the first state-owned enterprises in the work of life;
Now, I often looked at the mobile phone watch,
Counting the time slip away,
Enjoy spending their few youth,
I am a Madman of Chu, head in the clouds:
I'm a bad, hurt him and her
Also often hurt myself;
I was a real person, but very like camouflage, with great care,
The decoration of persistent, now, decoration decoration of their future!!
I often look like a river around the ancient suzhou,
Maybe it's not clear, its role
I wanted to jump into the arms of it many times,
As of four years ago in Jiangcheng I want to jump into the Yangtze River in general
I long for the arrival of spring,
As I look forward to summer
I always stubbornly believe that:
Spring than in winter, summer than autumn!
As the "Muslim funeral" Han Ziqi treated like jade
Love, dedication, and alone!