Cut a flower song graceful

Sunshine every day, every day of the warm, always arrive, feel happy. Time flies, time, a day away, always inadvertently, old age, weight Confidante. We cannot stop the flow of time, but there is no reason to refuse, to enjoy the bright sunlight! Thanksgiving heart, on the road, and the wind flying together, to embrace the blue sky, that a bunch of bright warm!
There is a margin, called a beautiful encounter, there is a love, is called the soul of the hand. Have one kind of feeling, called life, there is a concept, called the East west.
There is such a you, standing outside the thousands of miles across the distance, time, in a hazy sunset dusk, when I am lonely figure, via your mystery, I see, you look into eyes, that a surprise! A beautiful encounter, along the way of beauty, love, is so wonderful and magical!


Some love, without deliberately, but in your heart, can't erase! Some love, no narrator, even silent, transfer love the eyes, I use my life to remember! Love, is a love of beauty, like a fragrant rose, flower rich, warm in the heart.
The long road of life, always meet so a person, with assonance and your heart; from the world of mortals, there will always be good friend, a soul friend. Even across the years cross-strait, even if they cannot meet, but the heart, never abandon. Each other in their heart, continus, the tacit understanding, that moved, only a heart to understand.
Perhaps, life, I owe you too much love, life, to repay when, therefore, we will meet at the Fords of the time. The vast boundless sea, you and I like a fluttering Lan Zhou, searching, swim, never know, you and I, exactly how far across the distance.
Now, meet on on a narrow path, I put the past life of love to you, whether or not, I can easily? If, I can shake off the shoulder and sorrow, leisurely turn, elegant look back? Looking back, but is reluctant to go, turn around, but can't forget you pamper eyes.
I am in the end, you in the end, across the sea of time and space, Is it right? All grief at separation and joy in Union, because the life of dignified? Heart, bearing layers of chains, never break, the dream like beautiful flowers, bloom in the end, is doomed to end, in my life, can not touch the pain!
There is a love, in the depths of the soul, beyond the distance, beyond the verbose, through time and space. This kind of love, is the silence is never abandon you, silly idea, is a love, is warm.
How much love is in the lonely lonely, waiting in the produce pain? How much love, is in every time the moon to complete? You said: you are in front of me, very near, far, it seems within reach; I return: that is your imagination, fantastic beauty, beautiful and heartbreaking, beauty to a cry!