The fingers of the Paulownia

Purple, very light very light purple, light to near white, but still let a person easily distinguish it is purple, the purple, so abrupt jump out from between the walls, the wind blow, straight into the human heart, gradually formed a inexplicable ripples, sour to eyelash.
Broken walls, gray is its background, not a little green, spring seems to never stop here, tall and straight trunk, stands, hysteranthous. In the early summer, flowers on the top, simple and elegant and dignified, the Phoenix wood 所贝 by temperament, light to the extreme ultraviolet, is exalted to the extreme. Like clouds, such as leaves, shade to the passers-by, let a person look, kind heart, then it is very pale smile.
The ancient people used Tongmu Qin, is said to sound beautiful, don't know how to use the open of Paulownia Wood piano piano, whether in between fly very pale purple flowers.
Then expound the texts of Buddhism Manjusri, as if it were raining flowers, if not with the body, just the right way. The Paulownia, annual bloom of flowers and leaves, contamination in people's eyebrows, eyelashes, flowers are not flowers.
The fingers of the Paulownia, let a person listen to bloom, but always bright not the Paulownia, why the annual extreme to let that one purple collapsed on the ground, extremely awkward.
Life leaped lightly, ashes, let a piece of wood into the body, people were fascinated by its beautiful sound, but forget that life is very fragile, vulnerable to cry hiding in that piece of the extreme, and fall in the extreme.
He plays the piano, string the vast listen, that is to perfection, it is to fall from the sky, is a life of sorrow, spirits on the ground, the same extremely awkward.
A hundred birds Huang, JOJO, gurgling water, with many twists and turns, spring summer autumn winter, the seasons, all is in the beautiful context, flowing quietly in the fingers, the piano, Paulownia, others and the nature of the spring and Autumn period, derivation, it is Chuang Chou dreaming a butterfly, or a butterfly dream.